Mental Health News and Views

In these days of info overload, google ads and fake news, it's hard to know where to look, what to believe. We've curated this collection to keep you informed.

The pandemic's effect on overdose deaths

Isolation, stress and anxiety in 2020 have exacerbated an already growing fentanyl crisis

Can technology fill the mental health gap?

Wait times for psychiatrists are often dangerously long. Why many Canadians are using apps to help treat their depression.

Is youth mental health getting worse?

Poor mental health among children and young people has been described as an epidemic and an "escalating crisis".

Silicon Valley goes to therapy

Bummed out by the world and their role in it, tech workers are seeking help — and founding some start-ups along the way.

ADHD cuts productivity.

People who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder work 22 fewer days each year

ADHD and opiate addiction are linked.

Those with ADHD are more likely to get addicted to opioids

ADHD assessments are out of date.

ADHD in adults looks and acts different than ADHD in children, but cliniciansʼ diagnostic criteria — from age cutoffs to symptom phrasing — is undifferentiated, which sacrifices the accuracy of assessments.