If counselling is meant to create introspection, then coaching is guidance. Sometimes we know what to do, but not necessarily how to do it.

Coaching also introduces the element of accountability. 

There is a system for giving advice that has been proven to work. It's called SMART goals.

S - for specific. The advice has to specify who, what, where, when, how

M - for measurable. In research we say that if there is no way to measure it, it didn't happen. Your can't show improvement if you don't have metrics and a baseline.

A - for attainable. There is no point aiming for a goal too far. Start small and get a quick win. It improves motivation. A - can also be for accountability. Committing to someone else, somehow, magically improved your ability to meet that goal.

R - for relevant. It's important to make sure the goal matters to the patient, not the doctor. If someone choose their own goal it's obviously better than being told what to do.

T - for time-bound. Goals cannot be open-ended. A deadline is somehow much more motivating.

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