About Us


Virtual care is the new normal

Since the global pandemic, virtual care  makes a lot of sense.

We've been practicing this way at Sage for over a year now, and on balance, people seem to like it as much or better than the old way.

Teenager on Laptop

The New Medicine

In the new medical paradigm, patients want control.


They want to be engaged, informed, and to be part of the decision-making process.


Today's medicine has to integrate different disciplines and modalities: from meditation to medication.


Finally, human-centered technology, like apps can be very useful to monitor diet, sleep, medications and outcomes.


Dr. Antonio Ocana


I sit at the crossroads of family practice, mental health, addiction medicine and virtual care.

I started my medical education in Canada, at the University of Toronto, where I was awarded, first a Masters degree (MSc) in Clinical Nutrition in 1987, and then a medical degree (MD) in 1991. Then moving westward to Calgary, Alberta, I did my residency in Family Medicine in 1993 (CCFP). Moving westward again, to Vancouver, I opened my first clinic in 1997.


Over the next few years I began to focus my practice on obesity, eating disorders, mental health and eventually addiction. I did a fellowship in Addiction Medicine at University of British Columbia in 2004 and was certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine in 2005 (ABAM).

How we got from there to here

Lawrence Sheppard, Steve Holliday and I founded the West Vancouver Addiction Day Program later in 2005.


We then went on, with a dedicated group of clinicians, to establish the NorthShore ADHD and Addiction Clinic in North Vancouver in 2007. 

I "retired" in June 2019 and moved to LA to launch my "start-up", a mental health app for family doctors. Since then, it has become a mental health app for students, police, public safety and first-responders too.


In the meantime we had COVID-19, so I decided to re-open my Canadian clinic. Now we also have a  US clinic. So here we are. Welcome to Sage.


California Medical License - C164730 - expiry date 08/31/2021

DEA Registration Number - xxxxxx2294 - expiry date 12/31/2022

National Provider Identification - xxxxxx3848

Our new home


The office in Marina del Rey

Since 2020, we're a virtual clinic with two locations. We see Canadian patients through the NorthShore Clinic and American patients through the Sage Clinic. 

We love our new location. The view, the people and the ocean come together to create the perfect place to work. 

The latest addition to the team is Ms. Astrid Sherman. She has 20 years experience at keeping things smooth, graceful and pointing in the right direction. In the past, she did this with ballet dancers on point. Now, it's our clinic that she's keeping straight.